Passive HD Video Balun 5MP PV/PVA  with Power Connector RJ45

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Using twisted pair instead of 75-ohm coaxial cable as the transmission of video signals.
Ensure the quality of the image, enhance image clarity.
Excellent control interference / anti-surge.
Cable utilization reduces the cost of the project.

Warranty: 3 Months

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Passive HD Video Balun 5MP PV/PVA  with Power Connector RJ45

Buy Passive HD Video Balun 5MP PV/PVA  with Power Connector RJ45 CAT5 Data Transmitter 1 Pair. CCTV Balun Best Price in Sri Lanka. islandwide delivery available.

Power & Video Balun: Gold Plated BNC is provided with better transmission quality and a long-distance HD transmitter.
Super Extensive Applications: Support all video devices, such as camera, monitor, DVR card and recorder, etc.Compatible with all digital CVI, TVI, and AHD Cameras.
Video transmission Via UTP CAT5:LED indicates whether working (green light) or not working(yellow light) by RJ45.
Easy to install: We provide a specification that has detailed installation steps that make the procession of installation simple and convenient.

This Passive HD Video Balun 5MP Video Transceiver with Power is a passive (non-amplified) device that allows the transmission of real-time monochrome or color video over Unshielded Twisted-Pair(UTP)telephone wire. Baseband (composite) signals of any type are supported.
This video transceiver allows transmission of CCTV video and low voltage power over UTP cable. Power and Video are routed via UTP and RJ45 connections.
Its unparalleled interference rejection and low emissions allow video signals to co-exist in the same wire bundle as telephone, datacom, or low-voltage power circuits. This allows the use of a shared or existing cable plant.

* Compatible with all HD-CVI, HD-TVI, HD-AHD.
* Video up to 450m for 720P CVI cameras.
* Video up to 250m for 1080P CVI cameras.
* Video up to 250m for 720P/1080P TVI cameras.
* Video up to 320m for 720P AHD cameras.
* NTSC,PAL,AND SECAM video formats.
* 60db crosstalk and noise immunity.
* Compact size and easy installation.
* Built-in transient suppression protection.
* Innovative combinable design.

Technical Specifications:
1.Frequency response:DC-60MHZ;
2.Attenuation:0.5dB typ;
3.CMRR(Common Mode Rejection Ratio):60DB;
4.Surge protection:4KV, ESD:8KV;
5.Impedance: BNC-75Ohms, RJ45-100Ohms;
6.Working temperature:-10~70 Census Degree;
7.Storage temperature:-30~70 Census Degree;
9.Dimension:52*28*21mm with 14cm cable;
10.Material:ABS Plastic.
11. Product: Passive HD Video Balun 5MP

Passive HD Video Balun 5MP 5MP PV/PVA  with Power Connector  in Sri Lanka

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