WiFi Door Sensor

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24 Hours Intelligent Security
Fast Instant Alerts
Compatible with Alexa &Google Home
Compatible with Alexa Google Home IFTTT

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WiFi Door Sensor

Buy WiFi Door Sensor best Price in Sri Lanka.  Smart Wireless Door and window sensor Notification Reminder, Work with App. Protect your home from outsiders. islandwide delivery available.

WiFi Door and Window Alarm sensor detector offers an effective and inexpensive DIY home security solution to help protect you and your belongings when a door or window is opened. Help to deter the intruder, wake or alert you if at home, and possibly alert neighbors.

The WiFi Door and Window open sensor provides 24-hour monitoring. Even you are far from your home, garage, car, and garden, etc. You can check whether the door/window status with Smart Life app anytime and anywhere, giving you peace of mind anywhere anytime and a full sense of security

WiFi Door Sensor Get real-time alerts to your phone immediately when the door or window is opened or closed. With a door window sensor, you don’t have to worry about your baby going out of the house without notice, and easily know when your aged parents leave or arrive home, even can be clear when someone enters your shop, office, and company reception, etc. Keeping you safe and informed all the time.

WiFi Door Sensor – No Hub Required Compatible with Alexa Google Home

  • 24 Hours Intelligent Security: The smart door window sensor offers round-the-clock monitoring of your home. Use on doors, windows, cabinets, drawers, or anywhere you want to notified when it is opened or closed. Catch every activity and send an alert to your Android or Apple phone. It’s easy for you to keep an eye on the security of your house anytime, anywhere.
  • Fast Instant Alerts: Support EZ or AP mode for 2.4G wifi connection. When it is triggered, such as opened closed, or tampered, an instant notification will be reported to your smartphone within 3-10 seconds depends on internet speed. The built-in redial function allows the door sensor to auto-connect to the network after resetting the wifi router
  • Compatible with Alexa & Google Home: No Hub required, Simply use your voice to control the connected devices by Amazon Echo or Google Home, It also can perform auto control together with another smart device. .For example, set a scene “Arrive Home”, the sensor on the door that turns on the smart light when you arrive home in the evening
  • Enjoy Smart Lifestyle Easily: Wide gap performance allows for up to 1 cm when door/window is closed. No obtrusive wire and battery powered (2xAAA battery is not included), able to be installed in any tough situation by 3M mounting tape or screw (included). Monitor critical points of house, garage, stores or office, factory, and so on. Furthermore, sharing the device with your family member and tracking the history of sensor activities. There are more funs waiting for you to explore!
  • Package included – 1x Door Sensor, 2x 3M tape, 4x Screw, 1x User Manual.


Product: WiFi Door Sensor
Battery: AAA1.5V x 2 (Batteries not included)
Standby current: ≤5uA
Protocol: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Operating Temperature: -10℃~ 40℃ (14°F~104°F)
Operating Humidity: 20% ~ 85%
Storage Temperature: -10℃ ~60℃ (14°F ~140°F)
Storage Humidity: 0% ~ 90%
Standby time:6 – 12 months
Wireless Type: 2.4GHz
Size:Main body : 93mm x40mm x20 mm
Small body : 93mm x 13mm x 20 mm

How to install the sensor?

  • The product is small in volume with fashionable and wireless design, can be fixed on anywhere by either 3M tape or screw easily. Please pay attention when installing: 
  • The sensor body and magnet part has to be installed within 10mm when the door/window is closed. 
  • This sensor should not be mounted directly on or near metal framing or other large metallic objects. 
  • Only be placed indoor and away from water and other extreme weather conditions.

Whenever the door or window opens and closes, The WiFi door/window sensor will send Alert Notifications to your mobile phone and active the Alexa, Google Home alarm. Monitor your house Anywhere Anytime

With a wide range of sensors. The wireless door/window sensor can be wirelessly connected to Home WiFi. It can remote monitoring via mobile app, to determine whether your doors or windows are closed or whether there are thieves.

Automatically Turn on the Light

You can automate the linkage of the wifi door sensor and the wifi bulb. When you open the door, the light will be on.

Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Smartlife app

No Extra Fees when you use google assistant, Amazon Alexa, smart life app.


Download the Smart Life APP

1.Launch the app and tap the Plus ( + ) in the top right corner to add a smart window sensor device.
2. Select Add manually, Security & Sensors, then Contact Sensor (Wi-Fi).
3.Choose your Wi-Fi network and Enter the password. Then tap Next.
4. IMPORTANT !!! Remove the strips. Press and hold the button on the smart window sensor until the light is SLOWLY blinking (2s/time). Tap the “EZ Mode” on the top right corner, change to “AP Mode”. Select “Confirm indicator slowly blink” at the bottom,tap Next.
5. Tap Go to Connect.
6. Select WLAN on your mobile phone setting.
7. Choose the SmartLife-XXXX network in the WLAN setting.
8. Switch back to Smart Life app when WLAN is successfully
9. It will show Adding device on the Smart Life App.
10. Now your Contact Sensor is successfully added. Tap Done.

Compatible With Alexa/Google Home

1. Connect your device to Amazon Alexa
Step 1: After the door sensor has been added to Smart Life” App, open Alexa App on your phone
Step 2: Search for skill”Smart Life” and enable
Step 3: Sign in to your”Smart Life” account in Alexa
Step 4: Go to the Alexa Smart Home section and Discover your Devices
Step 5: Control Device
The following voice commands are supported
Alexa is the door locked?
Alexa is the door sensor locked?

How to control your device via Google Home

Step 1: After the door, the sensor has been added to Smart Life” App, Log in to the Google Home App and find the home control
Step 2: Manage account to find the aPp”Smart Life
Step 3: Enter your account and password
Step 5: Agree on the smart life to work with Google Assistant
Step 6: Control Device
You can now control your devices using voice through your Google Home product
The following voice commands are supported
Ok, Google, is the door sensor locked?

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WiFi Door Sensor Sri lanka

WiFi Door Sensor

Rs.4,250Rs.6,500Reduced price (-35%)